Benefits from Our Tanning Program

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Airbrush tanning is a safe and effective alternative to UVA and UVB exposure. Our solutions are custom tailored to match your skin tone, resulting in the most natural tan. Our solutions are crafted with organic ingredients that are paraben free, alcohol free, and aloe based which will leave your skin feeling and looking great.

American Medical Association (AMA) and Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) both recommend spray tanning.

Learn more about our tanning program

Eyelash Extensions

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The ultimate way to wake up in your make up. Eyelash extensions vary in length and curl intensities. During your appointment, we discuss your lifestyle and lash expectations and design a perfect set to specifically for you. The glue used is medical grade and hypoallergenic. Enjoy a relaxing siesta for an hour and a half and wake up with your make up. After your natural lashes start to grow, a fill will be needed by week 3-4. We remove any lashes that have been worn out and also replace areas where the lashes have grown out- keeping your lashes full and luscious.

One Fish..Two Fish..Three Fish Oil…

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Omega 3's for healthy skin In my practice I always stress that skin care is more than just using great products and getting routine facials. Our skin tells us about what’s going on inside and most of the time it’s telling us about our diet and hormones…

Fish oil contains two main types of omega-3 fatty acids: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). DHA keeps the brain functioning properly. And EPA greatly benefits skin by regulating oil production to boost hydration and prevent acne, and by delaying the skin’s aging process to stave off wrinkles. A 2005 study in the Journal of Lipid Research discovered that EPA can help block the release of the UV-induced enzymes that eat away at our collagen, causing lines and sagging skin. Because EPA is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent, it can protect against sun damage and help repair it.

For vegetarians like myself, I use a flaxseed and borage oil that does just the same…

DO IT, it’s soooo good for you.


Unlimited Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap Treatments for the remainder of April for $200!

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  • Introducing Sudatonic Body Slimming Wraps!
  • increases metabolism
  • burns calories
  • reduces cellulite and appearance of stretch marks
  • decreases body fat
  • detoxification
  • weight loss (not just water weight)

Regularly $70 per session, $240 for 4 sessions.

Best if done twice a week for results. Call for more information about Sudatonic Body Wraps.

Utilization of FAR Infrared Energy has been testified to be one of the most effective and secure scientific methods for weight-loss and body contouring. Because of its heat penetration property, FIR radiates the meridian points of the body.

FAR Infrared heat has many therapeutic uses such as; detoxification, body core temperature increase, pain relief, and increased circulation… try it out, your body will thank you.