Signature Facial

This facial starts with a skin analysis determining the skin type and conditions. Facial includes two part cleanse, enzyme mask, extractions, mask, and ends with serums determined in skin analysis.
60 minutes: $85
Series of 4 $255

Hydrating Facial

Geared towars hydrating skin and rebalancing the PH of your skin to leave your skin dewey and supple.
60 minutes:$85
Series of 4 $255

Deep Cleaning Facial

A cleansing treatment to remove build up from beneath the skin’s surface to purify the skin and combat acne. Packed with natural astringents of lemon grass, eucalyptus and tea tree to help clear skin, heal past damage, and prevent future breakouts.
60 minutes: $110
Series of 4 $330

Chemical Peel

The PCA treatments are natural enzymes and acids coming from pumpkins, milk, apples, and other sources. These are commonly known as lactic, malic, and glycolic acids to name a few. These aggressive skin treatments dissolve dead skin cells and relieve skin congestion, to brighten, lighten and tighten your skin.
30 minutes: $130
Series of 4 $390 (strongly recommended)

Men’s Facial

A Signature facial custom tailored to your concerns and skin needs with a focus on calming razor burn and ingrown hair and the scarring that can occur with these conditions
60 minutes: $85
Series of 4 $255

Express Facial

If you’re pressed for time, come in for an abbreviated Signature Facial not including extractions.
30 minutes: $60
Series of 4: $180

Purifying Facial

This facial is geared to help purify hormonal skin focusing on extractions and healing the skin. Including high frequency treatments and treatment peels. Skin analysis will also include skin coaching- to educate clients about a skin regime from what they put into their bodies to what they put on their face.
60-90 minutes: $110
Series of 3: $310

Teen Facial

Providing clarity in the teenage years. A cleansing facial focused on purifying skin and educating young clients about their skin and the best ways to help keep a clear complexion.
45 minutes: $60
Series of 4: $180

Back Facial

A facial just for your back. A great way to clear up any hard to reach congestion.
45 minutes: $80
Series of 4: $240